The Team

Director Collective


Professor Rhys Jones (Aberystwyth University)


Rachel Lilley MPhil. (Aberystwyth University)


Professor Mark Whitehead (Aberystwyth University)


External Advisory Group 

Jessica Pykett (Birmingham University)

Diana Reynolds (Welsh Government)

John Drummond (Corporate Culture)

Chris Bolton (Wales Audit Office)


Academic Partners

Dr. Stephen Atherton (Aberystwyth University) (Education)

David Berreby (Independent Science Writer)

Martin Burgess (University of Manchester) (Human Geography)

William Collier (Aberystwyth University) (Human Geography)

Dr. Joram Feitsma (Utrecht University) (Public Administration)

Dr. LIz Gagen (Aberystwyth University) (Human Geography)

Dr. Gareth Hall (Aberystwyth University) (Psychology)

Dr Aloysius Igboekwu (Aberystwyth University) Behavioural Finance

Dr. Antonia Ivaldi (Aberystwyth University) (Psychology)

Dr. Richard Kipling (Aberystwyth University) (Agricultural Studies)

Prof. Pete Merriman (Aberystwyth University) (Historical Geography and Transport and Mobility Studies).

Dr. Simon Payne (Aberystwyth University) (Performance Psychology)

Dr. Huw Williams (Aberystwyth University) (Politics)

Prof. Matt Hannah (Bayreuth University) (Human Geography)