ABi Launch

Yesterday we welcomed 45 guests to the launch of the Aberystwyth Behavioural Insights Interdisciplinary Research Centre. We had representatives from Welsh Government, Ceredigion County Council, the Centre for Alternative Technology, the Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations, and academics from varied disciplines.



Delegates listen to Tony Hockley (LSE) talk about the behavioural dynamics of historical changes in the National Health Service.

Our keynote speaker was Tony Hockley from the LSE, who spoke of the value of changing small behaviours as a route to instigating larger-scale transformational change. According to Tony, the value of targeted small scale changes is that they are less likely to be met with aggressive opposition, while also allowing greater scope for experimentation, failure, and learning. Breakout sessions explored the application of behavioural insights to GMO food consumption, healthy eating and body image, organizational change and training, and the promotion of the Welsh language.



We look forward to working with people we met at the launch as we seek to apply interdisciplinary perspectives on human behaviour change to a range of real world world challenges.


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