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Human behaviour is at the heart of many pressing social and environmental issues including crime, climate change, violent conflict, obesity, and debt. Transforming certain forms of behaviour, and reinforcing others, is central to  building a more socially justice and environmentally sustainable world. Aberystwyth Behavioural Insights (ABi), is an interdisciplinary centre dedicated to researching various forms of human behaviour and developing innovative approaches to behavioural transformation and consolidation. ABi incorporates academics from a range of disciplines including psychology, human geography, education, law, politics, sports and exercise science, public administration, and contemplative studies. ABi also draws on the insights of those working in the public sector (including local authorities and the Welsh Government), the private sector (Corporate Culture), and journalism. Our current research is being funded by the Leverhulme Trust, the Independent Social Research Foundation, the Welsh Government, and East Ridding Of Yorkshire Council.

Based on the west Coast of Wales, ABi offers a creative and conducive context for thinking about  behavioural challenges. Through our various research and training initiatives we explore ways of developing effective and ethical behavioural interventions, and of thinking about human decision-making in novel ways. We recognise there are rarely easy solutions to the behavioural challenges we face. Our approach is thus characterised by humility, a desire to engage with a wide range of perspectives, and a commitment to the coproduction of new behavioural knowledges.







Interdisciplinary Research Centre